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February 8th, 2018

בן אדם בעולם Man of the World

Lyrics: Amos Rimon
Music: Edna Rimon

Man -
Hold on to the world strongly.
Embrace it
And do good for all.

Don't fall and decline into the abyss,
Life is beautiful, look up to the heavens.

Men of the world.
Let's raise up our hands,
And keep our fingers crossed
For the good there is in this world.

Man of the world.

May the world go on, and continue to turn
May you be filled with the heart's desire
of the people

Human being, of the world.
Therefore adopt the world into your heart
And kiss the lips of the one you love

Man of the world. Man, human being
Hold on to the world strongly.
Drink from the cup and leave nothing over
Rinse yourself clean of every bitter taste

Man, human being.
Know how to give in and to forgive all.
Embrace the world, and go out to join the dance.
Man, in the world.

A b y s s... Look up to the heavens...