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Dark Jam #One

Mama you gotta move

Today Am doing the pioneer compilation. Instead of Kvartirnik (that means jam-session), I’ll call it Dark Jam. It’s not entirely Russian (that very one), but I hope it is ambient enough to transpire the mood and attitude. Besides, it’s almost friendly, no harmful intentions.

What’s next: I’ve got some kinda recommendations (can’t call it recipes, because those liquids aren’t cocktails). And some music for you. Use both at your own risk.


When the Levee Breaks

Okay. Let’s get started.

Reciting one thug, that Uncle Doug did dug. Huh. ;-) I’ve got terrible mood and I don’t see, why everyone else should have the goodtime.

So, what’s about the guzzle, that we’ll have to-day. D’you think, it should look like “tasting Russian food and drinking vodka?” Hell no. Besides, folks, if one like to have the stuff, you just go ahead and google it up. There are tons. We do have the mean mood here, so I have a real mean crap, and here it comes:

We’re talking rarities and hard-to-finds. But the main rule is – one cheap stuff. One genuine liquor. Mixed up together. That’s the whole trick. The simplest and straight way to get it, is that simple:

Get the moonshine. Get the pineapple juice. Mix it up. And go ahead. But be careful. This is what I call “Sam O’Gone”.

Next level. Go get cheap whiskey. Get the Russian Kvas. It’s the simple way. If you looking for the real challenge – make the Kvas by yourself. And get the good American Bourbon. This gonna be the Kvas-Gas. If you putting your “dunno” in – nope, wrong guess. Go find how to made it all by yourself.

Okay, Girls are welcome as well. Get the cheap Banana Liquor. Allright, I see. Go and buy your Marie Brizard or whatever. But the second issue is vital. Get the instant dry lemonade from military ration. Add hot water. Add the liquor. Males: Get yourself ready for unpredictable female behavior.

That should be quite enough. But I imagine, that I must add a point. For the ones with artistic soul. Go find the Plum Brandy, Slivovitz Rakija are the names. Stir it hard with the mixed berry juice, add ice cubes and enjoy oneself.

Status Quo - In The Army Now

ЧК That Soviet-Era Heavy Metal Band (Yep, we had some those times, barely legal) It’s name means Black Coffee. Real Rock, dudes.

Enter Sandman

Фантом Phantom – It’s about American pilots in VietNam, what else?

1999 That punk-rock band made this clip in nineteen-nin’ty-nine, rite. What we do have that year – you go ahead and see by your own eyes.

Lena Katina Never Forget

Стук (means door-knock) That’s a great song of one of the most loved Russian rock-stars (and poets of all the times). We have two of them – Alexander Pushkin (he lives long ago, but the guy was rocking, I swear!) and Viktor Tsoi. Both Greatest Russian Poets, Pushking was Ethiopian, and Tsoi was Korean, I bet you didn’t consider them like that. That is non-original video from “The Sisters” shooter. But it’s brave ok.

Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath

БП White Robe. I’m sure you know it.

War Pigs

Кончится лето (End of the Summer) – one more song from Viktor Tsoi. The video is from his genuine movie “The Needle”. I advise you to take the time.
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